Georgia Peach: Oh Lawd

A man has always wanted to lay me down, but he never wanted to pick me up.

~ Eartha Kitt

“I want to grab you by your hips, make those thighs mine.” “I’m married, but my wife won’t mind.”

Invitations slide through M’s mouth,

freeing themselves

As his tongue slithers across his lips.

Vibrations of his breath pushed

Forced into me with a rocking vibrato.

Extinguished fire by the time

It wrapped, circled me in a twirl.

Circles of smoke plummeted between us,

left space for virtue.
Slow blinking, mute.

Tugged at the frayed fabric, assigning

A baseball shirt the new job of covering my ass.


Why still I invoked sin, ignited


Lust rubbed against the callouses on his palm.

His ash roughly smeared where my shirt failed,

Fabric stopped above this betraying curvature.
Lemme taste ya georgia peach.

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